First Attack on Port Arthur

Admiral Togo's official report of the attack on Port Arthur is dated February 10, 1904, at sea, and is as follows:-

After the combined fleet left Sasebo on the 6th, everything went off as planned.

At midnight, on the 8th, the advance squadron attacked the enemy's advance squadron, the latter being mostly outside the bay.

The Poltava, Askold, and two others were apparently struck by torpedoes.

At noon, on the 9th, the fleet advanced to the offing of Port Arthur Bay, and attacked the enemy for forty minutes, I believe doing considerable damage.

I believe the enemy were greatly demoralized. They stopped fighting at one o'clock, and appeared to retreat to the harbor.

The Japanese fleet suffered but very slight damage, and its fighting strength has not decreased.

Our casualties were four killed and fifty-four wounded. The imperial princes on board suffered no harm.

The conduct of the officers was cool, and not unlike their conduct at maneuvers.

This morning, owing to the heavy south wind, detailed reports from the vessels have not been received, so I merely report the above facts.