KATAOKA, Shichiro. Born Satsuma, later Kagoshima Prefecture; entered naval academy (1871); with later navy cheif YAMAMOTO Gonnohyoe trained aboard German navy vessels Vineta and Leipzig (1877-78); lieutenant (1881); sea duty (1881-86); instructor at naval academy (1886-88); sent to Germany for advanced study (1889); attache at Berlin legation (1890-94); during first months of Sino-Japanese War, served on navy general staff (1894); later commanded armored ship Kongo and cruiser Naniwa in expeditions to the Pescadores and Taiwan, respectively (1895); vice admiral (1903); in Russo-Japanese War commanded the third fleet, an assemblage of antiquated vessels with the nickname "funny fleet"; nevertheless made notable contributions as battle commander, directing fifth and sixth battle divisions from the cruiser Nisshin at the Battle of the Yellow Sea (August 1904); at the Battle of Tsushima, led same divisions from the cruiser Itsukushima (May 1905); after war became chief of the department of ships, navy ministry (1906); made baron (1907) and admiral (1910); went on inactive list (1911).