FUJII, Koichi. Born Okayama; graduated naval academy (1880); early service included navy general staff positions and missions to Russia, Siam, and Italy; at start of Sino-Japanese war (1894) was with navy general staff; later served on captured Chinese gunboat Soko, the gunboat Oshima, and the cruiser Musashi (1894-95); after war held post of executive officer on several vessels in turn; captain (1899); named commanding officer of the cruiser Akitsushima (1899); served on staff of Taiwan governor general (1900), then with the Berlin legation (1900-01), and then on the navy general staff (19-1-03); in the Russo-Japanese war (1904-05) commanded the cruiser Adzuma at the battle of Ulsan (August 14, 1904); after war held many high staff, fleet, and naval base positions; vice chief of navy general staff (1909-14); on inactive list (1919).