DEWA, Shigeto. Born in Aizu domain, later Fukushima Prefecture; graduated naval academy (1882); has sea staff duty as a junior officer; served as staff officer of western seas fleet, a defensive force patrolling home waters, during Sino-Japanese war (1894-95); held ship and staff commands (1895-1904); rear admiral (1900); vice admiral (1904); at start of Russo-Japanese war, commanded first fleet; took part in Port Arthur attacks and blockade (February-June 1904); in the Yellow Sea battle (August 1904) led the third battle division from the cruiser Yakumo; at Tsushima, commanded the same division on the cruiser Kasagi, making a notable contribution to the great victory (May 1905); after the war made baron (1907) and admiral (1912); because of reputation for probity, made chairman of navy committee to investigate Siemens-Vickers navy armament scandal (January 1914); set up courts martial that convicted high-ranking navy officers, thereby contributing to the fall of Admiral Yamamoto's cabinet (March 1914); entered second reserve (1920).